Adult Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations become a controversial issue for pet owners once their pet's puppy/kitten stages are complete.

The fact is that the practice of vaccinating once a year has never really been questioned by many pet owners. Now, many pet lovers are opposing annual vaccinations, arguing that they are nothing but a cash-grab for veterinarians and pet vaccine manufacturers.

Many veterinarians and animal research scientists have added to the debate by suggesting that annual vaccinations can be harmful to pets. Many are admitting that puppy and kitten vaccinations should provide your pet with adequate immunity for life, similar to booster vaccinations for children. For this reason, a growing number of veterinary experts are now recommending vaccinating your pet every 3 years instead of annually.

Many vets are now linking routine pet vaccinations with an increase in pet patient tumors, cancer, bleeding disorders, bone and joint pain, seizures and more, even though they have no evidence as to why the vaccines might cause these problems.

Challenging veterinarians are also claiming that pet vaccines should only be administered to healthy cats and ear irritations are at risk if vaccinated.

If over-vaccinating your pet is a concern for you, consult with your veterinarian to see if an alternative vaccination plan can be designed for your dog or cat. And remember, just because your pet is no longer being vaccinated annually, adult dogs still need yearly physical exams and routine check-ups, while senior pets need to see a veterinarian twice per year.

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