Scratching Posts

Scratching is an instinct by which cats mark their turf with the scent glands in their paws, it's also used to stretch and work their front quarters.

Scratch posts cost between $15 and $100, and are great tools to temp your cat to scratch something other then your leather sofa. Cats like scratch posts because they provide a rough surfaces that they can shred. Whatever scratch post you choose, it must be placed in the spot she normally goes to scratch, it should be tall enough for her to extend her body, and it must be secure, because if it topples over, she will be to frightened to return to it.

Carpeted scratch posts are ideal, as they shred but still provide a satisfying stretch. Sisal scratch posts have rough textures for kitty to get a good stretch-out.

The reverse side of a rug also provides resistant texture for clawing, similar to sisal material. You can secure a piece of rug facedown, over an area where your cat already routinely scratches. You can also staple pieces of rug to the wall.

Tempt Kitty to use the scratch post by:

  • Feeding and playing with her near it.
  • Rubbing catnip into it.
  • Leaving treats near it or rewarding her when she uses it.
  • Attach toys or a string to the scratch post.
  • Covering any cat-scratched furniture with aluminum foil, double-sided tape, sticky plastic strips, or other surfaces that don't feel good to scratch.
  • Removing all cat scents from pre-scratched areas with pet odor eliminator.
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