Puppy Training

Many pet owners are completely lost when it comes to puppies are babies, and human babies aren't expected to use the toilet without first being potty trained.

If you lack the patience to house-train a puppy, then adopt an adult dog from a shelter or rescue that is already trained.

Puppy Housetraining Tips

  • Keep the puppy in his crate when you can't watch him.
  • Feed him dry food, not canned as it has high water content.
  • Confine the puppy to rooms with tiled or cemented floors so carpets aren't ruined.
  • Make a puppy schedule - feed your pup then immediately take him outside to do his business at the same times every day.
  • Don't play with your puppy until he finishes his business.
  • If he won't do his business, bring him inside and place him in his crate for about 10 minutes then try again. Repeat until he does his business.
  • Give him lots of praise when he does his business.
  • If he messes inside DON'T rub his nose in it, DO take him outside immediately.
  • Clean inside messes with bacteria/enzyme odor eliminator so he's not tempted to go there again.
  • If you've housetrained your puppy to the best of your ability and he still frequently messes inside he may have a bladder infection or parasite. Take him to the vet.
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