Insurance Broker

PetCare Pet Insurance Brokers - is owned by Pethealth Incorporation and is available in Canada and in 43 of the United States. PetCare offers four QuickCare programs for cats. Pet insurance coverage can vary according to accident/illness category. PetCare offers a medical EmergencyCare insurance program for only $19.95 per year; this is for microchipped pets that are registered in their 24PetWatch pet recovery program.

Pet Care Enrollment - pets from 8 weeks of age to lifetime; senior programs are available with no age restrictions.

Limit - Unlimited number of predetermined accidents covered.

Pet Insurance Deductible - Fixed deductible starting at $50 (excludes senior pet insurance plans).

Monthly Premium for Pet Insurance - QuickCare for dogs ranges from about $10 to 30 per month; QuickCare for cats ranges from approximately $9 to $20 per month.

Pet Medical Insurance Covers - Foreign body/poisonous ingestion, bone fractures, burns, lacerations, motor vehicle accidents and accidental death plus 12 categories of illness.

Pet Health Insurance Doesn't Cover - Annual check-ups, spay/neutering, vaccinations or heartworm treatment.

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