Pet Vitamins

Do dogs need vitamins or nutritional supplements?

Unless your vet recommends vitamins for your pet, you're probably not depriving your dog of anything he can't get from his dog food. In fact, a good-quality dog food should come complete with all the essentials - water, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

However, studies have shown that vitamins can help improve your pet's coat and promote teeth and bone health. In fact, adding a vitamin high in protein and essential fatty acids to your dog's diet can produce noticeable improvements over time.

In particular, extremely active or hard-working dogs, canines on diets, or those fighting illnesses may need additional nutrients.

Dog vitamins and supplements range from $10 to $50 online. They are available in three varieties - chewable, liquid and powder - and come in natural or synthetic formulations. Choose the form that will be the easiest to feed your pet.

Chewable vitamins - wrap the capsules in a piece of cheese, lunch meat or in a chunk of wet dog food.

Liquid vitamins - can be poured into your pet's water bowl, onto his wet or dry dog food or dripped directly onto his tongue.

Powder vitamins - can be sprinkled over wet or dry dog food, into his water dish or baked into homemade dog biscuits.

Dog vitamins can aid:

Remember that all vitamins and supplements should be given to your pet in controlled amounts - otherwise they can be harmful to your dog's health. Your veterinarian is your most valuable advisor when it comes to choosing vitamins for your pet.

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