Pet Memorials

Many pet owners choose to mark the plot where their pet is buried or cremated with a pet memorial. A pet memorial can help a family through the grieving process and celebrates their beloved pet's life. Many grief psychologists believe memorials have great therapeutic value and help a family through the grieving process.

Pet memorials are typically carved wooden plaques, granite or slate headstones, birdbaths. They generally range from $30 to $1,000 online, depending on their craftsmanship. On the other hand, a planted tree, shrub or rosebush also provides a lasting memento to mark your pet's grave site.

Backyard Pet Memorials

The most popular and perhaps economical pet burial is a backyard plot. The home burial of a pet allows a family to remain near their 'best friend' and tend to their grave site.

If you have plans to bury your pet on your own property be sure the grave is clear of any:

  • Wells, springs or human water supplies
  • Pond or stream
  • Underground pipes or cables
  • Drains

Be sure to dig at least three feet of soil between the top of the casket and the ground, which will prevent wandering animals from digging at the grave. A concrete pet memorial will offer a wall of defense against the destruction of curious critters.

Many bereaved owners wish to bury pets with their favorite toys, collar or even wrapped in their favorite blanket. A plastic bag can provide an additional waterproof lining for a casket and will allow sufficient air to circulate.

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