Pet Medications

When your pet comes down with something, it is just as important to get them the treatment as it is when you or your children become sick. There are many forms of pet medication for all sorts of situations. There are many forms of medication which are designed to help your pets if they become ill. Furthermore, there are medications taken for protection against these viruses in order to ensure you pet never gets them in the first place. Here are is list of other medications which may be useful for your pet:

  • Digestive Aids
  • Ear Medications
  • Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment
  • Eye Medications
  • Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

These are just a few of the circumstances in which your pet may need treatment. There are many other situations which will also require the assistance of medication or other forms of treatment. The next thing to consider is making sure you give your pet the medication in the proper manner. Not reading the labels and directions on the pet medication bottle can also lead to harm, if it is not used correctly. There are three things to consider when giving your pet their medication:

  1. Expiration Date - The expiration date means that the product should not be sold or dispensed after that specific date. It does not necessarily mean that the medication is not effective after that date. Do not throw out or stop giving your pet the medication just because the expiration date has passed. Instead, call your veterinarian and ask them if the medication will still be effective.
  2. Side Effects - Side effects are any response to a medication which does not give the patient the desired effect. This means that certain medication may cause your pet to become ill, however it does not mean that the medication is not working effectively. It is important to continue giving your pet the medication until it is done, otherwise the effectiveness is decreased.
  3. Strength and Dosage - The strength of a medication is the weight of the substance. The dose means the amount that one individual (or pet) should take at one time. The dosage is the amount of medication which the pet should receive over a period of time. When reading the label, the dose and dosage is more important than the strength of the medication.
Proper treatment for your pets when they are ill is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its important to read and follow all directions and always remember, if you aren't sure about something, ask your veterinarian.

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