Pet Loss

Dealing with the death of a beloved pet is enough to send most pet owners into a state of grieving just as seriously as if they were grieving any other member of the family. However, burials in a pet cemetery or at home, pet cremation, rendering and pet memorials can help pet owners get through the grieving process and honor their pet in a manner they see fit.

Pet Home Burial - allows you to remain close to the remains of your pet. Pet owners often purchase a gravestone or memorial plaque to commemorate their late pet and bury them under a special tree or flower bed dedicated to their pet's memory. When burying a pet be sure to place the remains in a thick plastic bag and place them in a wooden or metal box before burying them at least three feet deep. This will prevent other animals from digging at the gravesite. Please check your local government for regulations on pet home burials.

Pet Cemetery - offers a final resting place for your pet. Pet cemeteries let you choose whether to cremate or bury pets. Pet cemeteries also help you to choose a private or communal plot, perform your pet's burial or cremation, arrange pet funeral services, and provide pet gravestones, pet memorial plaques, pet caskets and pet urns. Pet cemeteries are found listed in the yellow pages in the telephone book or choose one with the help from the International Association of Pet Cemeteries by calling 1-800-952-5541.

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