Insurance Alternatives

Many compassionate pet owners are still not convinced when it comes to purchasing pet insurance. Fortunately, it just takes some research to come up with some alternatives to pet insurance.

Pet Savings Account - open your own 'Fido Fund' at your bank and deposit money earmarked for your pet's annual vaccinations, veterinary check-ups, unforeseen medical bills, pet accessories. Your 'Fido Fund' will earn you interest on the balance of your account and you will be prepared for vet bills in advance.

Discount Pet Programs -companies such as Pet Assure offer a 25% discount on veterinary bills, as well as a 10% to 30% discount for pet food and pet services such as boarding kennels, grooming and obedience training. Discount pet care companies like Pet Assure cover all pets - regardless of age, breed and pre-existing health conditions - and there is no deductible or restriction. The only catch is that pet owners must use a participating veterinarian or pet service provider. Pet Assure costs $99 annually for one pet and $150 annually for a family of up to four pets.

Pet Credit - companies such as MedCash, VetCard and Care Credit offer instant cash up-front to cover veterinary expenses that you don't have. To apply for pet credit just fill out an application with one of the forenamed credit companies. If you're approved they will pay your vet fees within 48 hours and establish your re-payment plan.

Prepaid Pet Care - many veterinarians and animal hospitals offer prepaid packages to their regular clients. For example, many offer a pet medical package that covers things like annual inoculations, dental care and regular check-ups. Other prepaid pet care providers offer discounts on all veterinary care.

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