Pet Health Insurance

Every pet owner is aware that veterinary bills can pile up - especially if a beloved pet is diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Presently, if your pet is diagnosed with cancer, he can receive medical treatment comparable to a human cancer patient - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Today's veterinarians can deliver top care but it's far beyond the financial means of most pet owners, because of this many are faced with euthanizing their pets. Pet insurance can provide the best vet care available to your pet, without enormous vet bills.

Pet health care insurance plans have been offered for the last 15 years, and were first introduced by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI). Pet insurance providers like Petshealth and Premiere Pet Insurance quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Pet health insurance policies operate like human health insurance - they have annual premiums that are determined by the age, species, pre-existing health conditions, lifestyle (indoor or outdoor animal) and location of your pet. Deductibles and coverage are based on the package that the pet owner chooses.

Pet insurance packages can include all your pet's needs from annual checkups, vaccinations, preventive dental and spaying/neutering. Several plans cover pet accidents, while other plans cover everything from homeopathic care to cancer treatment and even mortality insurance.

Many pet owners are fed up with pet health insurance companies and their hidden limitations. Veterinary hospitals are now offering an alternative in 'wellness packages', which offer regular vet clients discount prices on routine vaccinations, spaying and neutering, check-ups, etc.

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