Pet Gifts

Make Fido a part of every family holiday with his very own doggie gift basket! Themed doggie baskets are available online for most major holidays including Christmas, Valentine's Day, doggie birthdays as well as every major occasion including graduation from obedience school, get well and welcome home baskets to greet a brand new puppy.

Dog gift baskets come in every flavor imaginable - jam-packed full of homemade doggie grooming products.

Many dog gift basket companies will even allow pet owners to 'make their own basket' complete with the products you know your dog will enjoy the most. Creative dog gift basket companies also find ways to make use of the 'basket' itself by filling large dog dishes, dog houses and even dog beds with special treats for your best friend. Dog baskets will vary in price depending on your customized gift selections.

While you're at it, don't forget to purchase a special doggie gift basket for your favorite dog lover! Customize their basket with dog calendars, 'I love my pooch' bumper stickers, t-shirts, photo frames and a bandana for their four-legged pal.

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