Pet Friendly Lodging

There are more than 20,000 pet friendly motels and hotels nationwide, according to the American Hotel and Motel Association, making pet travel enjoyable. In addition, numerous pet friendly websites exist online as a resource to pet owners looking for pet friendly lodging ideas, pet friendly tourist attractions, pet travel accessories and more.

When it comes to booking a pet friendly motel or hotel you can never ask too many questions. Make yourself familiar with the hotel's rules and restrictions on pets. For example, do they have restrictions on pet type, size or number? Do they charge additional fees for pets? Do they require a pet deposit? Do they allow pets all year? Do they allow you to leave pets unattended in rooms?

Pet owners can save themselves a lot of last minute stress by doing their research and asking the hotel to put pet friendly claims in writing - through email or a brochure. Discovering upon arrival that pets aren't permitted would put a damper on any vacation.

Remember, even when vacationing at a pet friendly resort or pet friendly lodging destination, always practice pet etiquette. Respect the vacation property by keeping pets on travel service and add to their pet attractions.

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