Pet Vacation Tips

Practicing pet etiquette will encourage pet friendly hotels to continue pet friendly services. Practice pet friendly vacation etiquette and mutually beneficial pet friendly travel by:

  • Keeping pets on leashes.
  • Don't allow dogs to relieve themselves near entryways, picnic or play areas.
  • Poop and Scoop.
  • Ask for a room on ground level for easy bathroom breaks and car access.
  • Wipe your dog's paws and coat before entering the room.
  • Don't leave pets unattended on balconies to bark or potentially fall off.
  • If your pet causes damage report it immediately.
  • Clean up after your pet before leaving.
  • Ensure your pet wears proper vacation pet tags - with your name, the hotel's name and telephone or cell number - in case they get lost.
  • Request a ground-level room to avoid frequent elevator rides with pets.
  • Cover furniture with your own sheets and throws.
  • Bring water bowls and pet food dishes from home.

Some pet friendly hotels and motels still have restrictions on leaving pets alone in rooms. Please use the following pet holiday etiquette before leaving pets unattended.

  • Check if you are permitted to leave pets alone in rooms.
  • Hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door so housekeeping doesn't cause your dog to bark or frighten your cat.
  • If it's hot use a fan to make the room temperature comfortable for your pet.
  • Leave a cell phone number with the front desk in case a problem occurs when your pet is alone.
  • Leave unattended pets in pet travel carriers or crates.
  • Turn on a radio or television to soothe your pet and to drown out outside noise which may cause dogs to bark.
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