Pet Door

If you share your home with Fido, Fluffy, Lucky or Snowball you may get enough daily exercise by letting your various pets in and out all day long. If this activity makes you feel like a human yoyo you may want to install a pet door or two, so the lovable creatures can come and go as they please. This will leave you in peace as you take care of more important household tasks or watch soap operas.

You can get pet doors for various places in the home such as walls, windows, screens, sliding glass kittens to Great Danes.

The first thing to do is to measure your pet, so you know the size of door you need. Make sure you get a door that is quiet and closes once your pet has gone out or come in. It should also be well insulated to keep the cold out. The door flap should also open with light pressure so smaller pets can open it as easily as larger ones. The door should have a lock on it for security purposes and should only be mounted and adjusted from inside your home.

Pet doors are made of various materials such as plexi glass, plastic, vinyl and wood and come in assorted colors, styles, sizes and shapes. Pet doors come with frames and are fairly easy to install. Automatic electronic pet doors are also available on the market.

Of course, once you have put the door in you will have to teach your pets how to use it. Replacement flaps, frames and other parts of pet doors are readily available. So, try installing a pet door and you'll no longer feel like you're a doorman at the Ritz. There are also custom pet doors and electronic pet doors to choose from. Pet doors start as low as $20.

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