Pet Boarding Kennels

Pet boarding kennels or dog/cat hotels allow you to leave your pet's care in the hands of animal professionals, instead of burdening family or leaving pets with inexperienced friends or neighbors, especially for lengthy trips. Much to the dismay of pet owners, pets aren't always welcome at every resort, vacation destination or on group vacations. Pet boarding kennels can take the anxiety out of travel and even pet travel.

When seeking a pet boarding kennel be sure to ask neighbors, friends, pet groomers and veterinarians for recommendations. Do the following research before leaving your beloved pet in the hands of strangers:

  • Ask if the kennel belongs to the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA), which indicates the kennel has been inspected and meets ABKA's standards of professionalism, safety, quality of pet care and animal ethics.
  • Check if complaints have been filed against the animal boarding kennel with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Schedule a visit to inspect the dog boarding kennel's cleanliness, indoor and outdoor space, temperature, light, ventilation and staff.
  • Discuss when and what pet foods are fed at the kennel. Ask if you can supply your pet's food and pet's vitamins.
  • Ensure that all animal boarders are required to have current vaccinations - for the safety of your pet.
  • Ask if there is a veterinarian on permanent staff at the dog kennel?

After completing the following research you will be able to decide if the boarding kennel's rates are appropriate for the pet care provided.

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