Pest Control

Mites, ticks and fleas are external parasites that can make your pet's life miserable. They feed off your pet and cause itching, hair loss and certain other diseases, such as anemia, and they can also transmit tapeworms.

If your pet has fleas, chances are that your home and garden may also be infested, leading to ongoing or cyclical infestations of your pets.

General Tips for Controlling Ticks and Fleas

  • It is important to comb your pet and check for fleas and ticks at least weekly, and even daily in warmer weather.
  • If you find fleas or ticks on one animal, it is important to treat all of your animals as well as your home.
  • Never use a dog flea or tick control product on a cat or vice versa. There are different products designed specifically for cats or dogs and cats are extremely sensitive.
  • Use a product that is appropriate for your pet's weight and age, and when using more than one solution, be sure they are all compatible.
  • Tick and Flea control products contain insecticides. Be sure to follow label instructions carefully to avoid harming your pets. Cats are especially sensitive!
  • A healthy pet is less prone to hair and skin problems that can be aggravated by ticks and fleas.

You'll find flea powders, shampoos, dips and collars for treating flea and tick infestations of your cat or dog in most online pet supplies stores. There are also creams and ointments that you can apply to infested areas on your pet's body to ease itching and sores.

Area sprays, foggers and flea bombs for your home and garden may be necessary. Complete control of an infestation means getting rid of the eggs and larvae, and using one of these may be the most effective method, followed by a thorough vacuuming and laundering of any bedding your pet may use.

There are also many herbal, less toxic solutions to flea and tick control. Garlic and B1 (Thiamine) are often recommended as dietary measures, and there are many herbal powders, shampoos and dips available in pet supplies stores.

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