New Pets

I got my dog at the local animal shelter a few years ago after her previous owner abandoned her there. No explanation. And no information about the dog's past or the reasons why she was dumped.

Let's face it: many new pet owners are unprepared for the responsibilities and demands of owning a pet. If only they did their homework first, they'd avoid a lot of hassle and have a better chance of providing that new kitten with the live it deserves.

The most important responsibility facing any pet owner is this: choose your new pet carefully! Research pet breeds, examine your lifestyle and family budget, talk to a local vet before you bring your new pet home.

This section of Top Selling Pet Supplies offers some basic information on choosing new pets - and the pitfalls to avoid! Whether you're checking out the strays at a local animal shelter, buying a purebreed from a breeder, or window shopping at pet stores, there are smart ways to approach new pet ownership.

In the end, both your family and your new pet will benefit from the time it takes to plan wisely.

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