Natural Supplements

You'll find natural supplements to respond to every conceivable ailment, dietary requirement, skin condition or mental condition in major pet supplies stores as well as specialty stores.

Some common cat food or sold separately are: vitamins and minerals, calcium, kelp, barley grass, flax seed.

There are also natural supplement packages designed for adding to homemade food or raw meat to enhance the mix of nutrients.

You'll also find a huge array of herbal supplements that are recommended as part of a holistic approach to the overall well-being of your pet or a remedy for a specific physiological or psychological problem.

Some of the more common herbs you'll find in both dog food and as natural pet supplements are:

Alfalfa - stimulates appetite and aids with digestion by helping with assimilation of other nutrients.

Burdock - cleanses the blood and helps with detoxification; it is especially good for skin problems.

Garlic - promotes intestinal health.

Oats - help cleanse body and nourish new tissue growth.

Parsley - rich in vitamins, calcium and iron.

Catnip - besides showing your cat a good time, catnip is a mild tranquilizer and also stimulates the appetite.

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