Natural Dog Treats

A purely natural dog treat may be a chemical-free part of a pig, cow or bull - like pigs' ears and cow hides, for example. These are treats of varying degrees of chewiness, intended to satisfy the chewing urge, exercise the jaw and clean the teeth.

These treats are high in proteins and fats. Want another natural chewy treat, low in fat and containing many other valuable nutrients? Try a carrot!

Many natural baked treats are also available, either pre-cooked or as a mix that you can make and bake yourself. Many traditional biscuits, cookies, and kibble snacks are heavy on carbohydrates and sugar, but there are now many that are free of known allergens as well as being abundant in meat and vegetable proteins and other essential nutrients.

And, since they're only a small part of your pet's otherwise healthy diet, you can make them yourself without as much concern about getting the ingredients in just the right proportions.

You'll find ingredients that contain nutrients important to your dog right in your own kitchen: oatmeal, eggs, olive oil, peanut butter, meat and its juices, whole wheat flour. There are loads of recipes online, even on people food and recipe sites, in books and pet food supply stores and bakeries.

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