More Pet Memorials

Dealing with the final arrangements for your pet's body is often emotionally draining, but many pet owners attest that pet memorials helped them through the grieving process.

Pet Cremation - offer mass and individual cremation services. Mass cremation involves cremating many pets and dividing the ashes. Individual cremation is the lone cremation of one pet. The ashes of cremated pets can be placed in urns or plaqued memorial boxes. Your pet's ashes can also be scattered in a meaningful place - for example, your backyard or under a rosebush dedicated to your pet's memory. Consult your local government office to see if there are any restrictions on scattering pet's ashes in your area. Locate a pet crematory in the yellow pages of your phone book.

Pet Rendering - involves processing animal bodies into tallow and fertilizer. Pet owners who hold dear the memory of their pet's spirit can donate their remains to a rendering facility for the further development of life. Consult your local animal control agency or veterinarian to find a rendering facility in your area.

Pet Memorials - Pet owners who have no desire to deal with their pet's remains can still commemorate their pet's life with a pet memorial. Pet memorials can be performed in many ways:

  • Make a donation in your pet's name to a local Humane Society, pet shelter, veterinary college or animal protection agency.
  • Create a website dedicated to your pet with pictures and stories.
  • Hold a candlelight pet memorial service for your pet.
  • Plant a living pet memorial - a tree or a rose bush.
  • Frame and inscribe a photo of your pet on your bedside table.
  • Create a memorial pet scrapbook with your family.
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