How Electric Dog Fences Work

An electronic dog fence is a wire buried underground approximately 1 to 4 inches deep to protect the boundary area or yard you want contained. Electronic fence can be used to keep a pet away from traffic, protect flowerbeds and gardens from destructive animals, or protect neighbors and kids from being bitten. There are almost endless places to install an electronic dog fence, for example, there are indoor electronic fences, in order to keep your pet out of specific rooms.

Electronic fences consist of a transmitter - which plugs into a standard outlet and defines your dog's collar and picks up the radio signal from the electronic fence. As your dog approaches the electronic fence boundary your pet will be warned with a sharp tone. If he continues to approach the dog fence he will receive a mild correction, similar to a static shock, to send him back from the fence. Multiple transmitters can be ordered if you wish to keep more than one pet in the contained area.

Many electronic fence companies also employ certified electronic fence trainers, who during the 7 to 10 day training period, will come to a customer's home to teach them and their pets how to use the electronic fence system.

Electronic fence pet containment systems are professionally installed, pet safe and most are protected by warranty. Many electronic fence suppliers also offer their customers a 24-hour emergency paging system.

Electronic fences range from $44 for indoor fencing to $300 for outdoor fencing. Please click on the shopping links above for more information on electronic fencing.

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