Pet Glossary

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A collection of pus within a pet's tissue or organ.


An unneutered female that is part of a breeding match.


Commonly called mange or red mange, is an inflammatory skin disease caused by mite infestation. The mite is considered a normal resident of an animal's skin, but can cause skin lesions and itching if they overpopulate.

Ear mites

Small arachnids that live off the wax in a pet's ear canal. Ear mites multiply by laying eggs in the canal or fur of the affected animal.

Genetic traits

Sometimes called lineage or bloodline, refers to the genes or the familial traits of a dog determined by his parents and ancestors. Professional breeders research each bitch and stud they mate in order to prevent heritable diseases and genetic deficiencies in their litters. Hip dysplasia and eye disease are commonly inherited genetic deficiencies.


Abnormal development of a body part, organ, or system. A common dysplasia in Golden Retrievers is Hip Dysplasia.


Mating closely related animal family members - brother and sister or father and daughter.

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