General Supplies FAQ

Is a dry nose a sign of pet sickness?

A healthy cat or dog should have a cold, wet nose but a warm, dry nose is not a problem on occasion. However, if you pet seems sick he should be seen by your veterinarian no matter what his nose tells you.

How can I tell if my pet has fleas?

To check pets for fleas, part their hair and look for any red irritated skin from flea bites or any bald patches that may be caused by pet scratching and biting. A flea comb is also a great tool that you can comb your pet's coat with and see if you trapped any fleas with.

How do pets contract fleas?

Fleas are a definite threat to any pet who is allowed outdoors or near other dogs.

Flea larvae remain dormant for long periods of time in various conditions so they can hop onto your pet from him laying on the ground, from any furniture that was laid on by another flea infested pet or directly from one flea ridden pet onto your pet.

Why do dogs lick?

Dog licking is instinctive. Puppies lick to request dinner from mom, additionally dogs often lick to show respect to dominant pack member. Licking is also simply a sign of affection or your dog might just like the taste of your skin.

Why does my dog's breath reek?

Bad breath or 'doggie breath' is usually a sign of dental problems. Feed your pet a dry kibble in order for him to naturally clean his teeth and purchase a pet toothbrush and toothpaste so you can provide home teeth brushings. Pets also require regular dental cleanings and treatments with the vet.

Why do cats and dogs eat grass?

Wild dogs and cats eat grass to supplement their diet with vegetation, in order to soothe upset stomachs, aid in digestion and to promote vomiting when needed, so this is quite harmless. However, don't let your pets eat grass that has been treated with chemical insecticides.

My cat sheds a lot. Is there something wrong with her?

Your cat's shedding is a sign of good health; sick cats don't shed. To reduce cat shedding, comb or brush your cat daily to remove excess hair.

Is it okay to feed my cat or dog milk?

Feeding milk to cats and dogs is generally discouraged. Most adult cats and dogs are considered lactose intolerant because their digestive systems are unable to digest milk. Feeding milk to your pet can cause painful diarrhea.

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