Dog Training Methods

In this day and age anyone can give themselves the title "dog trainer", no experience required! Unfortunately, dog owners who seek professional help would assume that dog trainers, canine obedience instructors or animal behavior consultants are experts.

Dog trainers generally follow one of the following methods:

School of Negative Reinforcement teaches a dog to behave correctly in order to avoid physical punishments like choking, pinching or collar to become tight. When the dog sits, the leash is loosened and pressure on his neck subsides.

Negative Reinforcement dog training tools:

  • Choke chains
  • Pinch/Prong collars
  • Electric shock collars
  • Harsh verbal commands
  • Instills fear

Many pet owners use trainers who belong to the negative school of thought to train overly difficult dogs or guard dogs. In any case, please be on the lookout for "dog trainers" who use the following negative training methods to abuse your dog:

  • Lift dogs off their feet using choke chains (called hanging)
  • Punishment is extreme and unconnected to the command (ex. strikes a dog for not sitting)
  • Physically hurts your dog
  • Punishment causes the dog to urinate or defecate
  • The "trainer" continues to punish the dog long after the error

School of Positive Reinforcement is considered a more humane dog training method, one that uses rewards and affection to teach a dog, rather than force. Most positive trainers will actually train the owner to train their dog by helping them to understand how a dog learns and why positive methods work more effectively.

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