Dog Toys

No matter how many dog toys I've bought for my mutt over the years, she enjoyed nothing as much as chewing up one of my toddler's stuffed animals. This created an obvious turf war - and lots of tears.

In recent years, though, the world of dog toys has grown by leaps and bounds. There are thousands of dog toys to choose from - and no longer any excuse to have a bored or listless pet.

Dog toys generally fit into a few categories:

  • Chewing toys
  • Stuffed/plush animals
  • Throwing toys
  • Balls
  • Innovative toys

Balls are still a dog's best friend and come in unimaginable variations, from indestructible tennis balls made from space-age materials, to the legendary Kong product line of tough, unsinkable dog toys.

Most chew toys and stuffed animals have also come a long way, and are made from vinyl, latex, rubber or other durable materials.

But the most interesting trend in dog toys are innovative toys, including 'intelligent' dog toys that help develop your pet's brain by making it solve puzzles. My favorite innovation, though, is the ReelDog line of balls attached to fishing rods - allowing both my dog and I to enjoy our favorite activity at the same time!

Browse through the links above for a glimpse into the endless world of dog toys. You'll be truly amazed at the variety - and your dog will thank you for taking the time!

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