Dog Sweaters

Those of us who enjoy dressing our four-legged friends in cute sweaters will be happy to know that there's sensible logic behind it.

Dog owners who live in harsh winter conditions should always put warm dog sweaters on their pet before walking in the cold. Be especially sure to cover up the under and nether regions of short-haired dogs who have sparse hair on their chests and bellies. Also, canines that spend the majority of their time indoors are ill-accustomed to cold, and should always wear protective gear in the elements.

Dog sweaters range from $10 to $70 online, and are available in every material imaginable - wool, polyester knits, chenille, acrylic, cottons and polar fleece. Polar fleece is your dog's best protection against cold, as it insulates and keeps moisture off of their skin. If Fido enjoys nighttime walks, be sure to attach a few reflective strips to his sweater for safety.

Most dog sweaters are designed to slip over your pooch's head, with holes for the legs. More durable polar fleece sweaters affix with buttons, plastic snaps or Velcro under the dog's belly.

Sizing Dog Sweaters

To fit Fido for a dog sweater, measure from the base of his head, along his backbone, to the base of his tail. Then measure his chest at the widest point. Refer to these two measurements when shopping for apparel. Even though he may be apprehensive about wearing a sweater at first, you can make him familiar with it by putting it on inside for short periods of time.

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