Dog Seatbelts

Many dog owners enjoy taking their dogs for car rides. Although this is an exhilarating experience for Fido, you may be putting your pet at risk by not using the proper dog seatbelt.

Dogs can be thrown out of a moving car's window or into the windshield if you stop suddenly. They may also jump out of an open window or get struck while hanging out of one by another driver. A restless dog can also pose a distraction for the driver. Even if your dog is a calm passenger, the bed of your pick-up truck may be slippery, tossing your dog and causing him injury.

Doggie restraints range from $20 to $180 online and are available in the following styles:

Pick-up Truck Restraint - consists of three straps, two which tie to the existing tie-down rings on the sides of the pick-up bed, and a third that attaches to your dog's harness. Not recommended for use with collars.

Pet Car Seat - compact soft car seat is for small dogs and attaches to your car's seatbelt, system similar to an infant seat. Some models also convert into a backpack or bed.

Backseat Hammock - attaches to your car's front and rear headrests to create a hammock-like shelter that prevents your pet from falling onto the floor or into the seats.

Canine harness - easily attaches to your vehicle's seatbelt system and is fully adjustable to fit securely around the dog's chest and shoulders.

Remember, to protect your pet from deploying airbags, always buckle your dog safely in the back seat of your vehicle.

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