Dog Leashes

Before buying a dog leash, it is important to make sure the thickness and strength is strong enough to maintain control over your dog, without hurting him. It is best to start puppies off with short leashes in order for you to train and keep control during walks. Long leads are good for large dogs because they allow them to roam, while you still maintain control.

Leashes are generally available in lengths from 4 to 6 feet, and can be purchased in an array of colors and patterns to match your dog's collar. Leashes and leads range from $5 to $60 online. Major types of dog leashes include:

Nylon leashes are durable and machine-washable. They come in various thicknesses, lengths, styles and colors to match your dog's collar and personality. Nylon leads dry quickly after getting wet with little damage.

Cotton webbed leashes are also washable, strong and easy on your hands. They come in a variety of lengths and colors and are also good for dogs that enjoy water.

Leather leads are durable and long lasting. Leather will eventually soften from the oils on your dog's skin. Leather leads are easy to grip and gentle on your hands but won't dry well after getting wet.

Retractable leashes are extendable and allow your dog freedom to roam. A spring action controls the length of the lead, so as your dog walks ahead a braking system allows you to stop the dog, or lock the leash at a certain length. Retractable leads are good for controlling larger dogs and are best for dogs that have already been trained to walk and heel.

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