Dog Jewelry

My mother was devoted to her toy poodle and filled our home with poodle souvenirs of every kind. But her most prized item was the 14K solid gold likeness of her pooch that hung from her charm bracelet!

No doubt about it, dog jewelry and cat jewelry have a special place in the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. Dog jewelry in particular has become enormously popular, with an army of designers and pet supplies stores working to keep up with demand.

Have a look through the links above for a glimpse into the truly unique world of dog jewelry, cat jewelry and more!

These days, dog jewelry and cat jewelry come in every style imaginable for every pocketbook.

At the top of the line are gold and sterling silver charms and pins. But dog jewelry isn't just for the well-to-do. You can find cameos, bracelets, pendants and even designer rings made from a variety of materials - glass, ceramic, even crystal!

You'll be amazed at the incredible variety of designs and options available in dog jewelry and cat jewelry - and at how affordable such trinkets can be.

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