Wysong was founded in 1979 by Dr. Randy Wysong. Their company, staffed by doctors and scientists, not only produce natural products for pets, but also for humans.

Wysong claims contradictory “facts” about pet food that we as pet owners know as truth from other pet brands. For instance, they believe corn is not a cause of allergy, whereas other “natural” and “holistic” brands claims it is. Depending on how you look at it, they are serious about health and they are one of the only companies that will validate their beliefs without using vague marketing-speak like other brands.

Wysong takes pride in their products - maybe too much pride. They do direct brand comparisons by literally attacking other brand’s beliefs and shredding them to bits word by word. They make even the highest quality pet food brand sound atrocious compared to their own. I’m telling you, they have a reason behind everything – but are they true?

Most Wysong pet food lines are designed to mimic archetypal carnivorous diets. They believe the best nutrition and ideal health for dogs and cats is by feeding them hunted, raw prey. Now since this is definitely messy and is simply not practical, the Wysong line of pet products contains premium USDA-inspected all-meat and organ foods.

Their products do not contain fillers, synthetic or artificial preservatives, vitamins or other additives. Most brands use grain fillers, which unnaturally dilute the diet with high levels of carbohydrates. All Wysong dry pet food contains no grains.

Wysong has an Optimal Health Program, which consists of combining fresh foods with their dry, canned and Archetype lines of food.

Wysong dry pet food comes in a variety of formulations to suit your dog’s needs, such as Growth, Maintenance, Vegan, Senior, Synorgon, and Anergen.

Each bag of Wysong dry pet food undergoes special processing and drying techniques to preserve the nutrients in their products, especially their Archetype line. It uses cold processing, which is the only processing method that does not destroy important raw food attributes.

They highly recommend variety in your pets’ diet by mixing their dry food with their wet food or if fed alone, it can be taken with the added supplements Wysong carries. Their wet pet foods are for both dogs and cat in flavors of Chicken au Jus, Turkey au Jus, Liver au jus, Duck au Jus, and Stew Beef in Gravy. Other brands would never suggest giving your dog and cat the same meal!

The shelf life of Wysong pet food is a year and they recommend opened corners on dry food bags be resealed with Nutri-Clip™ and cans be resealed with Canned Food Lid™, which prevents the growth of mold, bacteria and insects.

Their formulas are available in four 4 lb and four 8 lb bags costing $34.99 for four 8 lb (32 lbs) bags.

They recommend a 15 day transition period from other brands to Wysong.

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