Whiskas® is created by Pedigree Pet Food and has been researching cats for over three decades. It is marketed all over the world and is owned by Masterfoods, a division of Mars Incorporated.

Whiskas® products are formulated to achieve the perfect texture and aroma cats love. They market the slogan 'you can take the cat out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the cat' with meat-based and flavored cat foods designed to satisfy your cat's inner beast.

Why do I have a fat cat you ask? Whiskas® may be the cause of it.

Whiskas® is known to contain caffeine, causing cats to become addicted to the food and refuse all other brands. Whiskas® lists meat by-products in addition to real tuna, beef and poultry and a number of artificial preservatives in their products. It also contains more carbohydrate fillers, such as corn meal, which is used as one of their primary ingredient.

Although Whiskas® is less expensive than the other brands, cats will need to consume more to get the proper amount of nutrients. The end result? You have to purchase more and it may actually lead to weight gain.

Whiskas® produces a number of cat foods in wet, dry and moist pouched varieties as well as cat snacks.

If your fat cat prefers dry food, Whiskas® is available in flavors of Meaty Selection, Seafood Selection or Real Lamb Selection, which contain a combination of bite-size kibbles and crunchy meaty Pockets™ with wholesome ingredients like poultry, fish and natural grains.

If your fat cat prefers wet food, Whiskas® wet foods are available in can or pouch form. They offer an extensive range of recipes made with wholesome ingredients like real meat, poultry or seafood.

Whiskas® canned cat foods without an easy-open end (can opener necessary) have a shelf life of two years. Once opened, Whiskas® canned cat foods must be either refrigerated in the can or in a sealed plastic container, and any canned leftovers must be used within four days of opening.

On the back of each Whiskas® product, there is a series of icons that highlight specific health benefits for your cat, such as “helps clean teeth” and “made with high quality proteins for easy digestion.” They call this the Total Health System™, which was developed with the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition.

Their dry formulas come in 6.6 lb and 17.5 lb bags costing $12.99 for a 17.5 lb bag.

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