Science Diet

Science Diet is produced by Hills Pet Nutrition Inc., which started making pet food in 1948. They also formulate Science Diet Prescription and Nature's Best pet foods.

The Science Diet Nature's Best line was launched in 2002, with no artificial flavors, preservatives or stabilizers, and includes added vitamins and minerals, 'real meat' and fish, garden vegetables and wholesome grains. Nature's Best is available for cats and dogs of all life stages in kibble form.

The original Science Diet products are available in canned or dry form for both dog and cats. They also have formulas for kittens and puppies as well as specific needs such as hairball remedy, sensitive skin, sensitive stomach and dental care, just to name a few. They also have a line of pet treats meant for dietary supplementation.

Science Diet says “Your best source for finding the ideal pet food is to talk with an expert, your veterinarian.” Of course they would say that! For many years, Science Diet was known for being the #1 recommended brand by vets. Seeing that pet owners would greatly rely on their vets’ advice, pet owners were brainwashed into buying Science Diet.

What is so great about Science Diet that would make vets recommend it?

I know! It was their advertising and marketing association Science Diet had with the vets. Many vets were receiving cheap or even free formulas. Science Diet pet food is decent, but there are many more brands that are better quality. They recommend not looking at the actual ingredients (because that apparently isn’t important), they recommend you look at the foods' dry matter value. This could only be found by calling the manufacturer.

So ignore the ingredients – you don’t mind that it contains wheat, corn and soybean, do you? It doesn’t matter if it contains protein or if the ingredients are preserved by chemicals that can cause dangerous cancer and diseases to your pet. Yah right! It’s not like this food is cheap either.

Science Diet dry dog food comes in 5 lb, 20 lb and 40 lb bags costing approximately $32.99 for a 40 lb bag.

Your pets are carnivores and need all the protein and nutrients they can get. Science Diet may not provide this, but they do have an infinite line of formulas to choose from in wet or dry form.

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