Pinnacle is produced by Breeder's Choice, a family-owned business founded in 1947. Breeder’s Choice makes a variety of products, including Perfect Servings, which is a raw diet for dogs available as a frozen raw meat patty and Avoderm, which is a line meant to improve their skin and coat.

Pinnacle brand pet food is specifically made for pets with allergies. It contains no corn, wheat, rice, barley, sorghum or soy. They have formulas available for dogs and cats.

Pinnacle focuses on preventing diseases with their unique formulations using protein, carbohydrates and fats as their main source of nutrients. Also vitamins, minerals and probiotics are added for optimum nutrients. Grapeseed oil is added into their formula to improve the skin and coat of your pet.

Their dog food formulas are available for all life stages in Chicken and Oats. They recently added two other flavors: Trout and Sweet Potato and Duck and Potato. All formulas are available in dry and canned form. Their dog food formulas contain vegetables that we as humans eat. The vegetables are dehydrated and include broccoli, celery, garlic, spinach and many more.

Their cat food is only available in one “gourmet” flavor, Chicken and Ocean Fish, and is available for all life stages. It comes both in dry and canned form. Cranberries are added to their formula to help keep the urinary tract healthy. This is similar to humans consuming cranberry juice to help prevent urinary infections.

There are usually at least two main sources of protein in each formula, which is carefully packed in an oxygen barrier bag to prevent loss of nutrients and keep away pests. Their formulas remain fresh within 90 days once the seal is broken.

Pinnacle formulas include only the necessary ingredients dogs and cats need. Their feeding directions do ask you to feed your pet more compared to a few other high quality brands whose formulas are more concentrated.

Pinnacle does not come cheap. Their formulas are available in 7.5 lb and 30 lb bags costing approximately $38.49 for a 30 lb bag.

They recommend a 3 to 5 day transition period from your old pet food brand to Pinnacle.

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