Nutro began as a family-run business in the late 1920s and was sold in 1976 to a private owner. Over the course of 80 years, they have continuously improved their quality in their dog and cat food line.

Their flagship cat food line is Natural Choice Complete Care and they now have Max Cat Gourmet Classics.

Their dog food line began with Nutro Max, then Nutro Natural Choice and now Nutro Ultra.

Nutro pet food for dogs and cats do not use chemical preservatives, instead they are naturally preserved with Vitamin E. They contain no by-products and have a shelf life of 14 months.

Natural Choice Complete Care cat food line is known to contain “Everything Your Cat Needs In One Bag ®.” Their Max Cat Gourmet Classic has added nutrients such as zinc, vitamins, and taurine to improve your cat’s immune system.

Nutro Max for dogs focuses on chicken and lamb protein to benefit your furry friends. They also use rice and wheat, which is easier to digest than corn. You can feed your dog less with Nutro Max, which means less stool for you to clean up!

Nutro Natural Choice promises significant improvement on your pets’ skin and coat. It focuses on three animal proteins: chicken, turkey and lamb which are known to improve dry skin and dull coat.

Nutro Ultra uses a holistic approach. It includes three animal proteins: chicken, lamb and salmon. It also contains sunflower oil, flax seed, whole brown rice, taurine, probiotics, cranberry and many more ingredients that contain linoleic acid and DHA to noticeably improve your dog’s appearance and concentration.  

Nutro products are sold only in pet stores, farm and feed stores and veterinarians' offices.

Their formulas recommend a 6 day transition period from the old brand to Nutro.

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