Natural Balance

TV celebrity Dick Van Patten and his partners have been producing Natural Balance Ultra Premium dog formulas for 14 years. They have formulas for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available in dog food rolls, raw dog food, organic, and even zoological formulas developed specifically for wildlife facilities only. The company donates a portion of profits to local animal charities.

Natural Balance only uses human grade ingredients and natural preservatives. Their ingredients focus on grains and vegetables in combination with proteins from chicken, duck and lamb. They don’t use fillers such as corn, soy, wheat or by-products or other ingredients that may cause allergens such as white rice, daily or sunflower oil.

A recent addition to their line is Natural Balance Dog Food Roll Beef Formula, which can serve two purposes. It can be used as a great treat for your dog, but is also a great way to switch your dog from your other brand dog food to Natural Balance for a smooth dietary transition. They can be kept unopened at room temperature for up to six months, but is not recommended as a major part of their diet.

They also launched a frozen raw formula in specific locations (for now). Raw food is typically what dogs’ needs for optimum nutrition and this is probably the easiest way to achieve this for your beloved dog. The raw formulas contain raw beef or chicken, raw bones, whole egg and fruits and vegetables. The dog food has to be completely thawed before serving. Leftovers can be refrigerated and must be served within 24 hours.

Some dog formulas include Sweet Potato and Fish, Potato and Duck, Vegetarian, Venison & Brown Rice, Ultra Premium, Organic…just to name a few.

Their cat formulas come in Ultra Premium Dry and Canned, Reduced Calorie Dry and Venison & Green Pea Dry.

And yet again - another new product they are introducing is their new Natural Balance® EATABLES™ for dogs resembling a dog’s version of a home-cooked meal. It contains a mixture of the finest meats, as well as fresh vegetables and premium ingredients to assure high digestibility.

Their formulas come in 5 lb, 17 lb, and 30 lb bags costing approximately $42.99 for a 30 lb bag.

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