Innovative Veterinary Diets (IVD) is now owned by Royal Canin, which was created by Dr. Jean Cathary in 1967. They recently launched Veterinary Diet in 2004 when they formed an alliance with Waltham’s Veterinary Diets.

You can not find this product at your local retail stores. IVD distributes exclusively through veterinarians. They produce therapeutic care and life-stage diets for cats and dogs of all ages, life stages, medical problems, and taste preferences.

Their Select Care diets are designed with specific medical conditions in mind, and Limited Ingredient Diets are designed to address allergies. They do carry a standard line of pet foods as well - Life Stage diets which are all-natural.

A new addition to the family of pet foods includes a “hydrolyzed proteins” formula. These formulas break down conventional sources of protein into molecules that are too small to irritate your pets’ immune system.

Some medical problems IVD foods help ease include canine urolithiasis, hypatic disease and chronic renal failure, just to name a few. IVD is a prescription diet available in different flavors including Duck and Potato, Venison and Potato, and Rabbit

Their products no longer appear to carry the IVD name, but it can be recognized by the use of the word “Formula” in their names, such as “Sensitive Formula” or “Modified Formula.”

Unlike some prescription foods, Innovative Veterinary Diets products contain no artificial preservatives. They use a combination of a carbohydrate source, such as whole green peas and green pea fiber with alternative proteins rarely found in competitor foods, such as duck, rabbit, venison, whitefish and lamb.

If your veterinarian does not stock these products, they can be ordered, but only by prescription. It cost approximately $39.99 for a 20 pound bag. It has a shelf life of one year.

Oddly enough, IVD talks a lot about palatability and not enough on nutrition.

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