Flint River

The Flint River Ranch has been distributing its oven-baked Premium Puppy and Adult Dry dog and cat food since 1993. Flint River Ranch is a private company created and owned by Jim Flint. They offer both dog and cat food in dry formulas only.

Flint River Ranch is elite because their products are not distributed in retail outlets – not even pet stores. Then how do you get it? Through independent distributors, who market and sell their products. They also do not have their own corporate website (yet), but will create one shortly.

The advantage is their products are “Direct from the Oven to your Home.” It is not stored in hot warehouses like the other brands. The independent distributors also offer free shipping (already included in prices). A disadvantage is you have to wait approximately two weeks, so you must order well in advance to avoid your pet suffering from hunger. Don’t worry; there is still express shipping available. Presently, Flint River Ranch products are not shipped outside the continental United States.

Flint River Ranch products are made with all natural, high quality, whole grain ingredients. They do not contain artificial colors, preservatives or by-products. Their list of ingredients is nearly flawless!

Their flavors are baked-in, not sprayed on. They slowly oven bake their formulas (twice!) at low temperatures for better nutrition, palatability and digestibility. Their ingredients are naturally preserved with vitamins E and C with no ethoxyquin, and BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) or BHT (Butylated Hydroxytroluene), which are chemical preservatives that are used in commercial brand products.

These preservatives are not approved for human use and are banned in most countries as they may be associated with cancer, allergic reactions and overall poor health. Unfortunately, they are still permitted for use in pet food in the U.S.

Flint River's Ultra Premium Canine lamb/millet/rice dry food, launched in 1999, is free of corn, wheat and chicken. It contains 'all natural' ingredients and added vitamins and minerals. They also have Fish and Chips (trout and sweet potato), both formulas are recommended for dogs prone to allergies.

Flint River pet food is jam packed with nutrients, so there is less odor and stool clean up. You will also notice you need to purchase less food because your pet will need to eat less. As an added bonus, their home deliveries prevent you from carrying heavy bags home. Your investment is entirely based on quality and not on packaging or national advertising.

Their formulas come in 6 lb bags up to 520 lb bags depending on the type. A 40 pound bag of dry dog food costs $53.86 and 20 pounds of dry cat food costs $40.09.

Flint River has a shelf life of six months from the date of purchase. It HAS to be sealed and stored in a dry, cool place. Since their formulas are a natural pet food, there is a chance of insect infestation if the bag is left open.

They recommend a 5-7 day transition period from your old brand to Flint River.

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