Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack® is produced by Eagle Pet Products Inc., a family-owned company founded in 1970. Eagle Pack® launched its Super Premium pet food in 1985 and they have expanded to include the PRISM® and Hy-Ration® brands. They specialize in resolving allergy and digestive problems.

Who says you need to add supplements? Other brands maybe but not Eagle Pack® - they already do it for you!

In order to resolve the cause of your pet’s problem whether it’s a disease, skin problem or worse, they believe it is important to start with a holistic approach. Feed your pet the best ingredients from the beginning, instead of looking for a formula that doesn’t contain the offending ingredient that could be causing your pet’s health issues.

Eagle Pack® uses high quality food ingredients, and through extensive research, has added eight or more holistic supplements to your pet’s food, including digestive enzymes, prebiotics (Inulin), yogurt-type probiotics, three primary antioxidants and many more!

Eagle Pack® was one of the first to discover these supplements. They are one of the few companies that add nutrients which are generally destroyed during the cooking process. Eagle Pack® formulas were actually the first to use probiotics like L. acidophilus, B. subtillus and others. Probiotics benefit dogs like yogurt benefits humans by giving them healthy bacteria they need. 

All Eagle Pack® diets are highly digestible and the supplements mentioned above help improve their already highly digestible ingredients and reduces gas. All ingredients are held to human grade standards - their grains are herbicide-free and their lamb meal is from grass fed sheep.

Eagle Pack® offers dog and cat food in wet and dry formulas, all containing no soy. They even have a transition formula to ease changing from other brands to Eagle Pack®. Look for Holistic Transition™ or Holistic Solution™ for daily use.

For dogs who prefer dry food, select one of the following formulas: Duck Meal & Oatmeal Formula, Lamb Meal & Rice Formula with Oatmeal or Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula. For wet dog food, try Duck & Oatmeal, Puppy Chicken & Oat Bran, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb, just to name a few.

For cats, select different dry formulas to suit their needs such as Adult, Holistic, Kitten, Hairball or Less Active. Their wet cat food is available in Chicken & Lamb, Turkey & Barley, Shrimp & Salmon, just to name a few.

Eagle Pack® dry dog food is available in 6.6 lb, 16.5 lb, or 33 lb bags and costs about $34.99 for a 33 lb bag. Their dry cat food is available in 3 lb, 6.6 lb, and 16.5 lb bags and costs about $30.99.

They recommend a seven day transition period from the old brand to Eagle Pack®.

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