The Canidae® dog food line is short and simple! No need to get buried in an infinite line of dog food products that offers more than you will ever need – finally a company that makes it easy! They also offer a comparably short line for cats called Felidae®.

Canidae® and Felidae® are one of the few formulas that suggest animals of all breeds and all ages eat the same food. Canidae® All Life Stages are for puppies, adults, seniors and overweight dogs and Candiae® PlatinumTM is specifically for overweight and senior dogs. Felidae® All Life Stages are for cats and kittens, seniors and overweight cats and Felidae® PlatinumTM is specifically for overweight and senior cats.

Their line sounds short and simple, but how is that possible?

It is because their formulas contain four protein sources (chicken, lamb, turkey and herring) and a pinch of grain, which is needed for all dogs and cats of any age. They simply eat more or less food, just like they were in the wild.

Dogs and cats are naturally carnivorous which means they need meat, fiber and other nutrients to maintain an optimum diet. Dogs are known to survive off of an omnivorous diet of fruits and vegetables, but many veterinarians will argue that they need their protein. There is still confusion on whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores. I would argue for the former, since dogs are likened to wolves and cats to tigers, which both eat raw prey - they are just smaller and definitely cuddlier.

Canidae® All Life Stages has formulas that come dry and wet. They also have dry and wet formulas with Chicken and Rice for sensitive dogs with allergies. Felidae® All Life Stages comes dry and wet as well as a Chicken and Rice formula for sensitive cats with allergies.

All formulas contain a total of 10 ingredients formulated to help your dog maintain healthy skin and coat. It contains no fillers or by-products, corn, soy or wheat. Their product is very concentrated, so you get to feed your dog less, which also means less dog food purchases.

Canidae® dry dog formulas are available in 5 lbs, 20 lbs, and 40 lbs bags costing approximately $32.99 for a 40 lbs bag. Felidae® dry food formulas are available in 5 lbs, 10 lbs and 20 lbs bags costing approximately $26.99 for a 20 lbs bag.

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