Black Gold

Why does Black Gold® pet foods seem so secretive? Is it to create curiosity? Are they hiding something? There is no indication where and who manufactures Black Gold®

The bottom line is what makes Black Gold® so special? They say it’s their top-grade ingredients that are processed to perfection called “gelatinization.” They claim to out-perform other brands when considering results vs. cost per pound.

Black Gold® is a premium brand that is 100% guaranteed and vet approved - great for kennels and breeders. They have very limited distributors, but can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Their pet food is only available in dry formulas and is suitable for all dogs at any stage of life.

Black Gold® pet food focuses on a combination of protein and fat to increase your animal’s energy level and create healthy skin and a shiny coat. You feed your dog less on Black Gold® and as a result have fewer stools to clean up. It is recommended for active dogs and cats.

The number combination on the bag lets you select the grade of ingredients (protein and fat) suitable for your dogs. The first number is the percentage of highly digestible protein and the second number is the percentage of human grade fat to assure optimum nutrition.

For example, the 26/18 Performance Blend is their general dog food recommended for all breeds and ages of dogs that perform in high to extremely high activity levels. Their guaranteed analysis is a minimum of 26.0% crude protein and a minimum of 18.0% crude fat. It has meat based proteins and contains no soy. Look for the black bag!

The 23/16 Professional Blend (contains chicken and rice) or 23/14 Lamb Meal & Rice Blend is for dogs in competitive environments. It is recommended by vets for dogs with digestibility problems and food allergies. Look for the green and white bag!

Their line of cat food comes in Blended Premium or Premium Country. All formulas come with no artificial colors or flavors. It simply comes with all the nutrients your cat needs such as taurine to maintain good vision and a healthy heart, high protein for energy, basted for great taste, and essential vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Again, what makes Black Gold® so special? Some formulas contain ingredients such as corn meal, chicken by-product meal, and ground wheat, which all are considered inferior protein sources. Their ingredients are average, but on a note, they don’t hide them like other brands do!

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