Alpo® brand dog food is a member of the Friskies PetCare Inc. family of quality pet food products. It was created by Purina and since 1999 they have been a part of the Nestle Company. Nestle is slated as the world's largest food company. 

Customizing your pup’s favorite meal day after day is easy with (artificial) flavors available in beef, chicken, lamb and turkey in textures from wet to semi-moist to dry.

Alpo® wet dog food is conveniently packed in their no-can-opener-needed technology in flavors of Canned with Gravy and Canned without Gravy.

Its dry your pup prefers? Then select from Prime Cuts® (beef flavor) to Grrravy® which can be prepared wet or dry. If you can’t decide - give them Come N’ Get It® which contains a mixture of beef, chicken, liver and cheese flavors.

Alpo® encourages mixing wet food and dry food to give your pup the best of both worlds.  So whether your pup prefers succulent wet food, teeth-cleaning dry food or both, they will still get the great (artificial) meaty flavor.

Alpo® brand dog food is widely available at a questionably low cost. A 40 pound bag of dry food costs no more than $19.99 (U.S. Dollars).

Sure it is inexpensive and has great taste, but what about nutrition?

Let’s face it; Alpo® has nothing to say about nutrition. They use marketing mumbo-jumbo to avoid commenting on the true nutritional value of their products. The top three ingredients in most of their formulas are ground yellow corn, soybean meal and poultry by-product meal, which are inexpensive “energy sources” used as alternatives to real meat. Dogs are omnivores – they need meat too!

With that in mind, corn is known to offer lots of energy but is difficult to digest. Your pup will produce high stool volumes and worst of all have bad gas.

Furthermore, many dogs are allergic to soybean meal which can lead to itching, gas, vomiting, skin irritations and much more.

Poultry by-product meal is very inconsistent containing everything from geese, turkey and duck heads, feet, intestines, undeveloped eggs and multiple organs. A mish-mash of parts that is difficult to digest.   

In addition, the processing of pet food is also an important factor because most or all of the nutrients are lost during the process. Also beware because Alpo® products contain BHA, which is a chemical preservative known to promote liver disease and other medical problems- not to mention their artificial coloring for more palatability. I guess quality DOES equal price.

It is obvious Alpo® is a lower quality brand, but due to the (artificial) flavors your pup can’t resist, the convenience of availability and price of the food ($0.09 per cup), it is still quite popular.

Alpo® created a hot air balloon resembling a can of their Prime Cuts® in Gravy, emphasizing their meaty chucks. The hot air balloon tours across the U.S. with the goal of getting dogs to beg for more.

If your pup has a favorite Alpo® dog food or treat, you can get Alpo products in handy Variety Packs and MultiPacks online.

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