Dog Fences

Fencing manufacturers offer endless ways to confine and keep your dog safe. Dog fences can be constructed of stone, wood, brick, chain link, concrete or plastic - depending on the size and strength of your canine. Each owner must also decide on a fence that meets their area zoning laws, is in their budget and suits the look of their home. Dog fences vary in price depending on the size of your backyard and the materials you use.

If you're getting a new puppy and you're worried that he might try to escape by jumping over or digging under your fence, erect the fence before you bring the dog home. This way your new pet will grow up accustomed to a fenced environment, and won't try to escape even when he's full grown.

A dog fence should always be high enough to discourage your dog from even attempting to jump over it and deep enough to discourage him from digging under it. To put a stop to your digger, bury the bottom of the fence several inches into the ground and frame the perimeter with concrete, bricks or patio stones.

Erecting a dog fence will keep your four-legged friend safe from other animals, and teasing children as well as to keep your neighborhood safe from your dog. Remember that even though you may be a dog lover, your neighbor may not be. Even though a dog fence may be a costly project, it is a small price to pay for a happy, healthy pet.

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