Dog Doors

Dog doors are ideal for pet owners who are tired of endless trips to let their dog out. Dog doors install into your home's exterior door and will grant Fido the freedom to come in and out of the house whenever he feels the urge!

Dog doors are generally offered to suit your small, medium or extra large pooch and they range from $25 to $250 online, and are available in some of the following styles:

Flap Dog Door - A soft vinyl or screen flap acts as your dog's porthole to the outdoors. Your dog can exit and enter the house safely by pushing the two-way flap open with his head. Magnets keep the flaps securely in place and a hard cover may be fastened over either side of door for security.

Electric Flap Dog Doors - Grant your pet private access to your home, while keeping unwanted animals out! Electric flap doors come equipped with a self-locking system that will automatically unlock your dog door each time Fido approaches. The door opens when it is activated by the automatic sensor attached to your dog's collar, it will immediately lock once your pet has re-entered the house.

Automatic Patio Dog Door - This system is for use with sliding patio doors and is installed on the inside track. Automatic patio dog doors are activated by a sensor attached to your dog's collar. The self-locking system automatically slides the door open each time Fido approaches and locks it each time he re-enters.

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