Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are smart, safe ways to travel with your pet, and are available mainly for puppies, small toy breeds and small to medium dogs. Larger dogs usually require the use of a crate or a dog grille to barricade them in the back seat of your vehicle.

Carriers are a necessity for airline travel and are vital for safe car travel with excitable dogs. To calm an anxious dog, always place a favorite toy or blanket inside the carrier with them.

Dog carriers range from $15 to $150 online, and are typically available in soft models. Hard carriers are made from molded plastic; they have ventilation in the sides and top and steel grated doors in the front. Soft carriers are made of nylon blends they have meshed ventilation and zippered mesh doors.

When purchasing a crate or carrier, make sure it's the proper size for your dog. It should be big enough to allow him to move around comfortably within, but not so large that he'll be tossed around inside. If you are transporting Fido by car make sure there's space around the crate for ventilation.

If you're going to take Fido along on an airplane vacation you must be sure the carrier meets the requirements of the airline you're flying with. Some airlines will allow you to keep small dogs in the passenger cabin in a carrier. It is very important that your carrier is properly labeled with your name, address, phone number and dog's name.

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