Dealing With Pet Loss

The grief process - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance - is the same for human death as it is for pet death. Because our relationships with our pets are as strong, and sometimes stronger than our bonds with other people, pet loss can be just as devastating and painful as losing a family member.

Dealing with the loss of a pet can even be more upsetting if your pet was tragically killed in an accident or euthanized, even if it was to end a pet's suffering.

Remember it is healthy for pet owners who have lost a pet to openly grieve their loss. By commemorating your pet with a pet funeral, pet cremation, a candlelight pet memorial service you will be able to mourn your loss. Compiling a pet scrapbook, creating a pet website or planting a tree or flower bed as a memorial to your pet will be a healthy outlet for you and your family members to celebrate the memory of your pet.

Many friends and co-workers who haven't had the opportunity to own a pet don't always make the loss of a pet any easier. It is often difficult for some pet-less bosses to sympathize your loss and consent to giving you a day off to attend a pet's funeral service. Seeking out others who have lost pets, or pet loss internet support groups, will allow you to freely express your remorse over the loss of your pet in nonjudgmental surroundings.

Please read our additional pet memorial ideas.

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