Custom Pet Door

If you want to treat your pet as a member of the family, or perhaps treat it better than family, you could always give the little love a custom pet door.

Your pet may be small, large, extra large or giant sized, so a custom pet door may be the best way to go. With a custom pet door for your dog, cat, or whatever type of pet you may have, it will help to cut down on accidents in your home, scratched doors, chewed furniture and 24 hour door service.

You can also get custom pet doors in electronic or magnetic models. These models are better security wise since they help to keep pets in and to keep strays out. They are suitable to install in a door, window, patio door, sliding door, screen door, etc. and are relatively easy to put in. Make sure the door is durable and well insulated. You can insulate it by placing weather stripping around the door and frame. Custom doors and frames come in various sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials.

You should easily be able to find replacement flaps and frames for it. If you really want to customize your pet's door you should let your creative juices flow. You could decorate it, put your pet's name on it, paint it or do just about anything you like, as long as it doesn't inhibit the operation of the door. When you measure your pet for its own door take into account any further growing it may do. You will also have to treats once it has gone through the door and by praising it. You should never force your pet through the door though. Custom pet doors can be bought for as low as about $20.

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