Common Myths About Neutering and Spaying

Irresponsible pet owners use many excuses in order to get out of spaying or neutering their pets. As responsible pet owners and animal lovers we have a responsibility to all homeless animals. Remember that with every new litter that an unsprayed or unneutered pet produces, more loving homes are taken away from the millions of animals currently in shelters and facing euthanasia.

Some common excuses for not spaying and neutering:

It is too expensive to spay or neuter my pet.

Spaying or neutering your pet is a small price compared to the cost of vet bills, food and care for a pregnant mother and her litter.

My pet will get fat if neutered or spayed.

It's true that pets settle down a bit once neutered or spayed, but pet's only become overweight when their owners are too lazy or busy to provide proper exercise or when they're fed too much people food.

My children should witness animal birth.

Mothers are more likely to give birth at night and in seclusion.

Neutering will make my male guard dog cowardly.

A dog's aggressive personality is genetic or learned, it has nothing to do with his sex hormones. Neutering your dog will not affect his loyalty to protect your family.

My cat or dog is purebred.

So are thousands of pets in animal shelters currently awaiting adoption.

I want a puppy or kitten just like my pet.

There is no guarantee that your pet's offspring will be anything like them. This is something not even a professional breeder can guarantee.

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