Clicker Training

Clicker training is a vastly popular treats and not a method that imposes harsh commands or force on the dog to make him fearful.

The clickers used in dog training are small rectangular boxes with a metal strip that makes a 'click' sound when pushed and released. Paired with positive reinforcement, such as dog treats, the clicker makes a powerful dog training tool. Clickers cost between $2 and $5 online.

Clicker training for dogs works like this:

  • The dog does something that the owner wants to reinforce, ie. sitting.
  • The owner presses the clicker and gives the dog a treat in silence. Bits of cereal, cheese or hot dog are good dog treats.
  • At first the dog won't associate the clicker and the treat with sitting, but he will catch on.
  • Each time puppy sits he gets one click and one treat.
  • After a while he will associate the click and treat with the sitting action. As he starts to understand, the trainer adds the word 'sit' as the dog lowers his rear.
  • Once the association of click and treat is understood, more commands can be taught.

Clickers can be used to train cats in a similar fashion. Although you may not want your cat to sit or roll over on command, a cat can be taught to come when called, to get into a carrier, and to retrieve certain toys.

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