Choosing Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is growing in North American popularity, however there are only a few options for pet insurance companies.

In the following pages we will introduce you to four of the most popular pet insurance companies in North America - Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), Pethealth Incorporated, PetCare Insurance Brokers and Healthy Pet Insurance.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) began offering pet insurance in 1982. VPI is the largest and likely the most popular name in the pet insurance industry within the United States. VPI pet insurance has an estimated 200,000 current policies. With VPI you can have pet insurance plans for exotic pets. VPI policies cover medical problems and accidents, illnesses and injuries.

Pethealth Incorporated - began offering veterinary pet insurance in 1998 and is the parent owner of PetCare Insurance Brokers Ltd. Pethealth currently offers its PetCare Pet Medical Insurance Programs in 9 Canadian Provinces and 43 U.S. States. Pethealth has also established the 24PetWatch program, a 24-hour microchipping and pet recovery network dedicated to finding lost pets.

PetCare Pet Insurance Brokers - is parented by Pethealth Incorporation and is available in Canada and in 43 of the United States. PetCare offers four QuickCare programs for dogs and five QuickCare programs for felines. PetCare insurance covers accident/illness in 12 different categories including cancer, cardiovascular problems, respitory diseases and more. PetCare offers a pet health insurance option called EmergencyCare It is a program that is specifically designed for microchipped pets who are registered in the 24PetWatch pet recovery program.

Healthy Pet Insurance offers comprehensive veterinary health coverage for dogs and cats who succumb to catastrophic illnesses or suffer an unplanned accident. Healthy Pet Insurance provides three medical plan choices and covers a wide variety of veterinary services.

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