Cat Treats

'Cat Treat' can describe a variety of snacks and treats available in most cat supplies stores. As with dog treats, make sure to check the labeling to determine the products' ingredients to ensure they meet your cat's nutritional requirements.

Here's a few common varieties of cat treats that are available in most stores:

Catnip - A herb related to the mint family, catnip provides 5 to 15 minutes of stimulated enjoyment, even frenzied activity, for your cat. They will sniff it, roll in it, eat it, even drink it in a tea! It can be spread on a scratching post to attract your cat away from the furniture and put on or in toys to stimulate activity. Kittens do not seem to attracted catnip until they are about three months old.

Commercial Treats - Come in a range of sizes and textures, from dry to semi-moist, with wheat flour being a common ingredient. Dry, crunchy treats may help with dental care.

Homemade Cat Treats - Many experts recommend a purely homemade diet for cats, and some web sites and books provide recipes for cat food. Homemade cat treats are less common, try a search online to find some great recipes to treat your cat for being so good.

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